How this all started…

Five years ago, completely out of the blue, I received an e-mail from a property management company whose mailing list I had signed up for.  In the e-mail Red Creek Properties were touting the advantages of their new development on a lake in Oklahoma.

You read that right – a lake in Oklahoma.  Well, first of all I have no interest whatsoever in living on a lake nor do I aspire to live in Oklahoma.  But it was s slow day in front of the computer, so I click one a link to see what the story was.

After a leisurely perusing the site I still had no desire to live on a lake or in Oklahoma, but then something caught my eye… 35 acre home site in Colorado.  Hmm.  So I clicked.

I was immediately in love with pictures!


Now just so you know, I don’t just make decisions about moving and buying land after just a quick view online.  We had been talking for over 6 months about finding a place to build, on some acreage when Bob cam up for early retirement.

Anyway, I contacted the realtor with lots of pesky questions.  She quickly responded with all the answers I wanted to hear PLUS more pictures for me.  We made the trek and purchased the land.

Fast forward to Winter 2013…

We started looking at building on our newly acquired land.  Then it set in – sticker shock!  the house we wanted to build (modest by all standards) was going to cost us twice as much as we had budgeted.  TWICE!  So, we shelved that idea and decided we could get more house on an equal amount of land if we bought something already built.

We looked and found what we thought was the perfect house – 40 acres, tons of square footage, not too old, but needed some work.


Stay tuned for the trials and tribulations of purchasing and remodeling!


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    I LOVE it!!

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