Bedroom Makeover #1 – Part 3: Sealing the Subfloor

Sealing the floor was a breeze and one step that I recommend you do not skip!  I used Henry Bond Enhancer Self-Stick Tile Primer.  It runs about $11/gallon at The Home Depot.  It is a very thin milky looking substance that you roll onto the bare wood.

Ready to scrub

All you will need for this step is a paint tray and a paint roller with a long extension handle (because I wasn’t getting on my knees to roll this).  A foam or short nap roller works best because the sealer is so thin.

The purpose of the product is to seal the subfloor and give a good surface for the self stick tile to adhere to.  Trust me it works!  You do not want to put down your tile and then think you will be able to move it.  More on that in a future post.  🙂  Suffice it to say, this stuff works.

The label says to apply liberally to soft wood or porous floors, so I laid it on thick.

A gallon should cover 300-400 square feet, so with heavy coverage I should have used about 1/3 a gallon on this 10X10 room. I used almost half the gallon.  I didn’t just apply liberally, I applied it like the Democrat I am!

Now to wait about an hour for the sealer to dry and the tiling will begin!

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    Thank you for the inspiration! We just tore out the caeprt in our dining area, stairway and bedrooms. We just bought this home last December and the caeprts were nasty! I just couldn’t take it anymore! My intention was the paint the sub-floor until we could afford the barn-board flooring we really want. Many websites try to deter us from painting, saying it will look worse than dingy caeprts (not likely!). Your floor is absolutely gorgeous, and was happy to see your comment that the floors held up well! Thanks again for sharing!!

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