Bedroom Makeover #1 – Part 4: Laying the Tile

With the subfloor prepped and sealed, I started to layout the tiles.  I knew I wanted a full tile at the door, so rather than the conventional “start in the middle and work out” I started with the keystone piece and worked from there,  After a couple of re-alignments I finally had in my mind the layout.


Next, I started to lay the tile using 1/8 inch spacer.  The spacer are in a + shape so you can use them in a standard layout. but since my seams were staggered, I placed them between the tiles like X’s on their ends.  Sorry no pictures of that. But you can see them sticking up in the image below.


After way too many hours on my knees, I finally had all the tile down and ready for grouting.

The secret to laying vinyl self-stick tile so that it actually sticks, is to make sure the floor is prepped and sealed AND completely free of dust! Before I laid each tile I would pull out the vacuum dusting brush and clean that square area throughly.  It added a lot of time but the results are worth it.


With all the tile in, I let it sit overnight to assure great adhesion and the next morning removed the spacers in preparation for the grout.  The grout I used was from Lowe’s – Blue Hawk Vinyl Tile Grout in Saddle Gray. It’s a premixed grout.  I used a grout bag (think cake decorating bags!) to lay the grout in the lines. Then just a quick wipe with a sponge to clean away the excess and a wipe down on each tile with a microfiber cloth to remove the residue.

It’s really, really, really important to wipe that residue off immediately.  If you don’t it dries very quickly and will leave a haze over your tile that you will not be able to get rid of.

After another way too many hours on my knees – I bought knee pads after the first round and they did the trick – I was finished grouting!



I love the way it came out.

Next on to picking the paint color.  Here’s a sneak peek of the final two…


Can you quess which one we went with?


  • Reply December 3, 2014


    How is the tile holding up?
    Any discoloration? Weird smells with the vinyl? Grout crumbling?

    • Reply April 21, 2015


      Hey Tiffany! The vinyl tile has held up like a champ. No vinyl smell even when it was going down. I had a few areas that I went back over with some grout because I had laid it in too thin originally. But that was a quick and easy fix – just added more grout on top if the first to fill in the small cracks that were appearing. Since then, no additional problems. And since I used a premixed vinyl grout the fill in was quick and easy. I have to say that I am surprised it has held up as well as it has. Three big dogs and lots of foot traffic grace that room! I just keep everything vacuum (as best I can!) and damp mop in there every few weeks and the tile still looks like new.

      I have since finished (and need to post) my completed 1/2 bath in which I used the same tile.

  • Reply July 5, 2015


    Love the tiles .where did u find them?Please share

  • Reply January 23, 2016


    What color/brand is this tile? Its beautiful. I am done with the constant struggle of a ceramic tile kitchen and my own 3 dogs!!

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