Front Porch Flower Pots

I started this post back in April 2015.  But finally getting around to finishing it for spring 2016. Hey.  I never said I was timely!

I knew I wanted some big ol’ flower pots at the front door, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune for them.

I found some plain grey concrete(?) pots at Sam’s early in the spring.  I question the concrete part because they look like concrete, but they are not heavy, so I have to assume they are some sort of composite material.  Anyway, the pots were super cheap – less than $20 each.  I’ve seen pots this size go for up to $150 each!

Unpainted Pots

There’s my Valspar paint pots already making things look brighter!

They weren’t the most exciting of colors and against our cream house and grey from porch they would just get lost in the blandness.  So, I took a cue from my Kiwi Splash from door and went extra bright!

I picked up some really bright sample pots of Valspar (my favorite) paint at Lowe’s – Tomato Bisque, Radiant Orchid,  New Avocado, and Rushing Stream.  They run about $5 a piece but there is plenty of paint to do several projects in each little pot.

Then I went to town painting the flower pots.

I did not do anything fancy for prep, just painted, even though the paint is interior paint.  They have been sitting on my front porch for several months now in the blazing sun, wind, hail, and rain and they still look good!

UPDATE:  Almost two years later and they still look great!

I just free-handed the lines.  The pots have an embossed design and I just followed the design.  That made the process super fast, plus I hate taping! I don’t tape a thing when I paint if I don’t have to.

I planted each pot with Snake Plants a.k.a. Mother In-Law Tongues and then placed some petunias and marigolds in each.

I was a little hesitant about using the Snake Plants because they are an indoor plant that does well with little or no light.  Well, apparently, as the label on them declared, they really are “plants of steel”.  They have been outside and are thriving!  My plan is to bring them in once it starts to get cold and let them brighten up the foyer.

UPDATE:  If you don’t bring theses plants in they will die and look like this.


Snake plants do not like freezing temps!

I’m going to refresh the post this year with an evergreen.

I love they way the pots look with the neutral colors and my front door.



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