Color Pop Lumbar Pillows

In the high desert things tend to be one color – brown. That’s why I am on a quest to make my house the brightest spot on the map. 🙂

After choosing a bright color for my front door and garage door and bright colors for my flower pots, it was time to liven uo those drab, grey front porch chairs.  I didn’t want to have to recover the seat and back cushions so I decided to cover the lumbar pillows with some bright fabric.


This is a 100% heavy cotton fabric called Kaleidoscope Wild which I purchased at Love the bright colors.

The set of chairs that I purchsed came with lumbar pillows, but they were a drab grey and yellow.  Not my favorites.  I just whipped up some round tubes with a pocket in each end for some ties to keep them actually on the chairs.  We have wind that whips through that is brutal!  I made the ties out of the same fabric, but any sort of cord would work.

The construction was easy, just cut a rectangle of fabric that is a few inches more than the diameter of the pillow and a few inches more than the width+thickness of the pillow. Then sew a fold over on the ends to create a pocket for the cord and stitch the seam up the length of the fabric.

I love they way they look with the other bright colors!


Fast forward two summers…

The pillows are now faded and drab.  🙁  It’s to be expected since the fabric was not outdoor fabric. Lesson learned – I thought being under the porch would help them from not fading.  I’m going to redo the pillows with the same fabric, except this time I plan on treating the fabric with UV protector spray first!

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